Tuesday, January 18, 2011


(Annie's not my nemesis, she makes me happy.  It's the cold sore, dang it.)

Cold sore, smold smore, 
Have you had one before?
It's not so great,
In fact, I hate
Nothing more than my own cold sore.

Poetic license.  Yes, I'm qualified to use it.  English degree, remember?  I had to channel my anger into something trite, simple, so as not to slump into a corner and cry. 

My first cold sore reared its ugly head before I gave birth to Annie [almost 4 years ago].  I've had maybe five since then.  I have one now.  It's killing me, s-l-o-w-l-y.  Eating?  Practically impossible.  I drank my OJ with a straw this morning and even that hurt.  I went to lunch with some girlfriends today, ordering my food based on what could squeeze through the 1/4 inch opening of my poor little mouth.  The visit was so needed, I have great friends.  The rice, well, it hurt.  Bad. 

If I were a pioneer, I would be dead.  There would be a small cross in Iowa with my name on it.  Here lies Lanette.  She couldn't hack it.  The cold sore done her in.  RIP.

My heart goes out to those with chronic pain.  Any pain.  I take my health for granted.  Big time.  It's so hard to be cheerful when you hurt.  It's so hard to look outside yourself when you hurt.  Life is somewhat miserable when all you can think about is yourself, your pain.  I think that's why visiting with uplifting friends was just what the doctor ordered.  It took me outside myself for an hour.  Now, coming home to a babysitter who said my boys were crazy . . . um, not quite what the doctor ordered.  I'm thinking that two days off from school is not such a good idea when Mom has a cold sore.  Remember, "It's not so great, in fact, I hate nothing more than my own cold sore!"

I'm hoping to have my cheery self back soon.  Life is so much better when I can smile.


Candy said...

Here lies Lanette. You crack me up.

Kick that cold sore in the face will ya?

Hope you feel better soon, and I LOVE your thrifty outfit!

jenifer said...

my doctor prescribed iron pills for me and they made me constipated... like, i had to poop and i felt like i was ripping my bum in half... i cried. i was sore all day. i thought-- i am a WIMP. i have true compassion for women in the world who struggle with constipation on a daily basis... it's the unsung battles they must face-- i will have more compassion for the grumpy lady in line at wal-mart. perhaps, her bum is hurting.
remember- there is equality in the testing... your cold sore might be just as bad to you as their frost bitten toes. :)
hope you're better soon... (i heard abreva is expensive but wonderful.)

Diana said...

there is a great little pill called l-lysine you can take for cold sores. you can get it at wal-mart in the vitamin section or if you are at your moms house just pop on over and I will give you a handful!

Brittney said...

My dear Lanette,
We to battle the cold sore's like crazy in the house. Our new found freedom straight Geranium essential Oil. Trust me Oceana's even a believer now.
Good Luck

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