Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Color Blind.

I've been reading about personalities, trying to flesh out my characters, make them consistent, believeable.  And then I got stuck wondering about my own personality.  Have you heard of The Color Code: a new way to see yourself, your relationships, your life by Taylor Hartman, Ph.D. (click to take the test)?  I first took his personality profile in high school.  He uses colors for different personalities.  It's a fun read, I find some truth in it.  But, whatever, Ben rolls his eyes at personality tests. 

When I was a teenager I was YELLOW (the fun lovers).  I took it again when I was first married.  I was BLUE (the do-gooders).  And I took it again a couple of days ago.  I'm now at a point where I feel like I know the real me, the me I was all along, not the me I thought I should be or wanted to be.  I am dominantly RED followed closely by BLUE, so RED-BLUE (the power-wielders + do-gooder, with a little fun-lover).  I've always been.  It's liberating to finally come out of the closet I didn't know I was hiding in.

Here's the funny part, the part I was trying to avoid for years.  Listen to this: "The most difficult color combination within one individual is the mixture of red and blue.  If you are strong in both categories (which I am), you often find yourself stepping on someone's toes to get a task completed (red), but feeling guilty afterward for making that person unhappy (blue)." 

Great, I am difficult.  My motive is power.  Call me Atilla the Hun.

However, there is hope for my power-hungry self.  Blue.  I honestly feel like my Faith has cultivated the blue in me.  The blue tempers the red in good, positive ways.

Let's look at Ben.  He is WHITE-BLUE (the peace-keepers, with a hint of yellow).  Here's what it says about him, "If you're a blue-white combination, you are comfortable.  You express yourself softly and sincerely.  People find you determined, yet flexible.  You are someone with whom almost anyone can get along."

Now we know who the good guy is in our relationship, sheesh.

p.s. I'd love to hear what color you are if you take the test!

p.p.s. I just realized that you may have to give more personal information on that website for the test.  My advice, check out the book instead.  Sorry, friends, to lead you astray.


Honey said...

I remember doing that with Gina - I think I was a yellow, too! Interesting how we evolve. :)

Suzette said...

I'm blue-yellow.

Lanette said...

Suzette, no wonder everybody LOVES you!! Not fair.

Kelli Albaugh said...

I am 49.95% Red. Last time I took one of these tests, I was red/blue. This time I was half red, half everything else.

RaeLynn said...

I'm same with you--I was yellow when I was younger, then mostly blue and now I'm about 60/40 with red/blue. We're twins :)

and holy crap on our husbands. danny is totally white too, but he's a little more white/blue.

i love this book--i know it's not gospel but it's a good read and i think there's something to it.

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