Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jolly Day.

(Christmas morning.)

It was 7 a.m. and I didn't want to wake up. 
The kids--and Dad (he was up before them!)--were so patient. 
They could barely contain themselves.

(That's a mouth full of gum.  A very happy mouth.)
Believe me, there was some major feet-wiggling going on. 
That's when I got excited. 
The kids are what makes Christmas.  They make it magical, keep the "believing" alive. 
Their excitment generously rubbed off on me.

I think my favorite part is when they first find their stockings.  The eyes get WIDER, the smiles OPEN-MOUTHED, and squeals begin. 
How can you keep from smiling in the midst of pure delight?

I've actually come a long way in my Christmas maturation.  I was a little selfish when we were first married.  What can I say, I'm the youngest, the baby in my family?  [Editor's note: Ben is also the youngest in his family, however, somehow the "selfish" gene passed him by.  I love/hate that it comes so easily to him.]  I still wanted all the wonder and surprises of my childhood.  Christmas was still for ME.  Thankfully, but not instantly, I've come around.  I am now able to live vicariously--and happily--through my children.  Hooray for progress!  And props to all you naturally unselfish souls.  Really, I admire so much that quality in people.  I love to be around you because, by association, I become better.  I think that's why marrying Ben has made such a difference in my life.  Perhaps, the best decision I've ever made.

Enough of my faults. 
It's Christmas, let's stick with the merry! 
Our day was chock-full of legos, knights, bikes, and wii wipe-out!

To be honest, I got a little stir-crazy sitting around because there wasn't much I could do. [Translation: Mom could not help with legos AT ALL.  Spatially retarded.  And they take FOREVER to put together, I don't have the patience.  The bikes were too small for me to ride, AND, well, I'm a little wii-retarded, too.]

I was the official Christmas spectator! 
However, I was good for something--providing great food, offering overly-dramatic applause at wii accomplishments, and giving hugs and kisses at random.

By 4 o'clock I was ready to go outside.  Too much sitting around, too much eating junk, it was time to MOVE (or be moved).  Ben and I pulled the kids around on the sled with the four-wheeler.  The cold, fresh air felt so good, the kids laughter was delightful, and I got to snuggle-up to Ben.  Good times all around. 

Our day ended with warm bowls of stew and rolls, a movie, and family prayer.  It was a wonderful day.  I thought to myself, after the kids were in bed and all was calm, that the house sure looks cleaner in the dark!  My heart yearned for my dust pan and swiffer.  My body yearned for bed.  Guess who won?  Yep, it was a good night's sleep.

*** We're down in Utah now, visiting Ben's family.  Guess what I'm doing tommorow?  Elk hunting . . . on horseback . . . in the snow!  Yeah.  Crazy.  I can't wait.  It's a first for me.  Wish me luck.  I'm not acutally doing the shooting, don't have a tag.  I'm basically going along for the horseride in the mountains.     

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Logan and Tanya said...

Best of luck to you today on that horse!!! Sounds like some wonderful memories, too!

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