Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Times Ahead.

(Yep, that's butter, sugar, and cream cheese.  Can't go wrong with that combination.  No, siree.)

These next few days are exciting ones!  Annie and I are baking up a storm, preparing for a school bake sale and our couples christmas party on friday.  Our first round this afternoon was making tons of petite cherry cheesecakes.  I love when kids want to help and there's actually something they can do on their own.  It's a win-win situation: my job is shared and they feel empowered.  Score!

Preparing for a party is so fun!  I love getting the house ready, making holiday foods, goodies that you love but don't make often because they're meant to be shared with friends, lots of them.  And let's face it, cheeseballs, lil' smokies, cheesecakes, etc. shouldn't really be incorporated into weekly meal planning (as much as Ben would LOVE it).

Also, I thought I'd share my latest materialistic love.  This green.  I'm prepping this main living area for a new paint job, new mouldings, new furniture, a whole new feel.  I was leaning towards staying with just the white and the sea blue, however, I saw these green treasures and couldn't pass them up.  They make me smile.  I figure I have barstools in both colors, so I might as well incorporate this fabulous color a little more.  I think it'll work, and if not, I can definately use it in the upstairs family room.  Cross your fingers.  Tommorow, I'll have to post some great end tables I bought at a thrift store the other day.  I'm going to paint them and put them together as a coffe table.  They have a great shape and evoke the feeling I want to have in this room.  Exciting things to come, no?  Ben loves all these changes, heh.  He's having a hard time keeping up with my vision, which I know he'll love, but at first, let's just say, I have the more vivid and idealistic imagination.


Heather said...

love the green! someday i want to decorate my house in all the cheerful colors i love... i always pick subtle hues now... but a room with excitement would be fun.

Poulsen Family said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green blanket! Pleeeasssee share pictures when you're done remodeling.

PS- I am so grateful for your posts. They keep me connected to you. I miss you.

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