Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23rd Photo Doc.

  Happiness all rolled-up in, around, and through a day.

(A little Slamwich with Annie.)

(I will never get over loving dress-up.  Never.)

(Brigham's letter to Santa in the paper.)

(I will never get over NOT loving forts.  Never.)

(Very kissable.)

(Snowforts.  Boys.  Need I say more?)

(We did it!  Ben: project manager.  Lanette: building supplier.  Kids: cheap labor.)
(Don't I look happy and energized?  I was just beginning...that's why.)

(The "chocolates" of our labors.)

(Will following The Grinch movie, with his book.  Cute.)

(The dishes are done.  The kids in bed.  I'm headed to my cozy, reading chair . . .)


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