Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas with William.

I am William's 2nd grade Room Mother.  Reluctantly.  Isn't that awful?  It took a little persuasion from the PTO lady at the beginning of the school year.  When it comes to things at the kids' school, I like to be given an assignment.  I don't like making them.  But, I said yes.  So, I'm committed . . . to an insane assylum.  Just kidding.  It's not so bad.  That thought just crossed my mind as I was typing "committed."

We had our big Christmas bash on Friday.  I'm all for simple, fun plans when it comes to parties at the school.  Thankfully, the kids were excited to make pipe-cleaner/bead snowflake ornaments, have a boys vs. girls relay race, and Pass the Present (wrapped a gazillion times in different paper with candy canes for all at the end).  But, the highlight, the best part of all, came last.

I roped my dad into assuming the role of St. Nick.  Santa.  Papa Noel.  And he did a stellar job!  When I got to the office I told the secretary that Santa was coming, but didn't know where the classroom was.  I said, "He's not a creepy Santa-guy.  It's just my dad."  She smiled.  Sure enough, at 2 o'clock, here comes Dad accompanied by the Principal. 

(I love the look on Will and Annie's faces.  Can you see them?)

We have a tradition in our family on Christmas Eve.  My dad reads an old 50's radio show version of  "The Night Before Christmas."  It's a more humorous version, a spoof, but completely appropriate and hilarious, not to mention that it must be performed with a German accent!  The kids loved it.  He had their full attention.  I was so proud.  This is certainly one of those perks that comes with living close to family.

I'm glad it's over.  However, I kind of revel in the brief moment when my kids are proud to call me Mom.  It's not like I get that treatment at home when I make dinner.  I'll take it when I can!

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