Tuesday, December 21, 2010

At Home.

Days like today are priceless. 
The first day of Christmas vacation. 
I had the kids all to myself . . .
with NOTHING, nada, zippo on the agenda.

That was us. 
We played,
we ate,
we read,
and sang Christmas tunes
all. day. long. 
The Christmas spirit was alive and kicking, in a peaceful sort of way.

Annie's favorite song is "The Little Drummer Boy." 
Whenever the song came on I'd find her on the counter,
ear pressed to the radio mounted under the kitchen cabinets. 
She waits the entire song for her favorite line, right at the end:
"Theeeeeen, He smiled at me, pa-rump-pa pum pum . . ." 
Her perma-grin sets in and she says, "Mommy, they said, 'then, He smiled at me . . .'"
I love that.
I think Jesus does, too.

Speaking of Jesus, we watched The Nativity Story tonight.  It's not a blockbuster hit, but I loved it, especially now, so close to Christmas.  I love the Christmas story.  And I loved the peaceful spirit that lingered after the TV was turned off, with only the Christmas lights aglow.  What a great bedtime send-off for the kids.  Instead of sugar-plums dancing in their heads as they sleep, I hope it's a stable with a little manger, and a mother holding a sweet little baby.

1 comment:

Honey said...

Such a darling picture of Annie!
(for some reason I hadn't connected that she and Lucy are the same age.)

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