Monday, November 15, 2010

Weaving a little magic . . .

I've been reading a collection of writings by Elaine Cannon. 
What a delight! 
She's witty, smart, wise, spiritual, insightful. 
All the things that I hope to be one day. 
One distant day.
But I'm not giving up,
I'm still becoming the Me I'm supposed to be.
I know that.

Her writings are brimming with hope.  And I'm convinced that hope can be an ever-present reality if we choose to look up.  That's the Lord's gift.  Crap happens (pardon my vulgarity).  That's life.  But that's never the end.  We're never left with the crap. . . unless we choose it.  He can make all things beautiful.  " . . . Beauty for ashes . . ." (Isaiah 61:1-3).  Even the messed-up realities of life.  However, "beauty" and "easy" are not synonomous.  I think they become beautiful as we struggle and wrestle and search and adjust and broaden and stretch, finding bits of understanding along the way.  Just enough to keep us moving.  Forward. 
Speaking of hope, of changing and becoming, I love Elaine Cannon's thoughts about families,

"Families are God's way of blessing the world, of shaping a strong, stubborn man into a strong, sensitive father, and a beautiful, bossy woman into a beautiful, blessed mother."

My family, my kids are giving me a gift.  Not that I'm always grateful, but I have hope that I will be one day.  However, I'm not sure if I can relinquish the "bossy" part.  I kinda like that.  Can't I be a "beautiful, blessed  AND bossy mother?"  I hope so.  After all, don't you have to be kinda bossy to be a good mom?

Here's another:     

"A family keeps a mother from doing the things she's always wanted to do until she is too old to do them.  But somewhere along the way a family weaves such a magic that one day Mother realizes that this, after all, is what she wanted to do all along."

They're still weaving at my house. 
Still trying to perfect they're magic.
But even they're imperfect weaving is yielding something pretty special.

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