Friday, October 29, 2010


I'm fighting against the seasons. 
I'm completely unprepared for winter since autumn came about two weeks ago. 
Not so fun for Lanette. 
Snow suits should not be worn on Halloween. 

No, we don't have snow, but it feels cold enough for me to don a full-on head to toe parka!  Admittedly, I am always cold by nature.  Add to that a climate of coldness and you get a Lanette who purchased a tanning package (ahh, cancer, I know) to cure my depression during the coming winter months.  I'm foretelling/diagnosing my own winter depression.  Or should I say I'm already psyching myself out that I'll get depressed in the winter?  Either way, I'll be prepared . . . and tan . . . and praying that seven minutes in a tanning bed once a week will not give me cancer.

Fortunately, for my psyched-out self, the evening hours were beautiful.  The sunset was full and pink and rich.  The wind was non-existent.  The kids were raking leaves, coatless and barefoot.  Oh, and Lincoln was raking leaves with a swiffer.  Imagine that.  I caught a few priceless moments out there.  I felt happy seeing their red noses, messy hair, and . . . my swiffer.  They were working and they were happy.  We usually are when we're being useful, aren't we?  God gave me a tender-mercy moment, as if He were saying, "You'll make it through, Lanette.  Savor this moment.  Winter will NOT kill you."  Even God has a sense of humor.  I'm sure of it.

It's 12:30 a.m.  I just finished watching a movie with Ben.  He doesn't work tommorow.  But I've got a 2nd grade halloween party to tackle . . . on five hours of sleep.  Nice.  BTW, did I ever tell you that I'm not very disciplined when it comes to using my time wisely?


Heather said...

i'm feeling the same way about winter this year. ick. i guess we'll just keep plugging along. sigh.... and good luck!

Honey said...

Lovin the new camera!

Move to Colorado. You can wake up to snow and then it's melted, sunny and bright again in the afternoon. Boots to flip flops :) So one can get their fill of snow without it lingering very long.

Janie said...

I am wishing the winter in, only because I am pregnant and hot! :) Lanette, tanning once a week in a tanning bed for 7 min will give you cancer. I don't want to be a party spoiler, but because I love you, don't do it. The studies are in and tanning beds are killing so many people, they have made the top ten list along with heart disease and other cancers. Be careful! Hopefully I didn't ruin your day :)

Poulsen Family said...

I posted about winter depression just a few days ago. It's already been seeping in for me. It happens when I no longer can run outside and have to start using the gym.

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