Saturday, October 2, 2010

Do you ever wonder...

After a particularly frustrating time getting the kids to bed tonight, I lay there on the floor outside of their rooms, in the dark, wondering . . .

Do you ever wonder if you're going to screw up your kids?
Do you ever wonder if you're harder on one than you are on another?
Do you ever wonder if they'll grow up and all be friends . . . good friends?
Do you ever wonder how giggles can sound so cute during the day and so frustrating at night?
Do you ever wonder if they'll think of you fondly or remember the times when you sounded so frustrated with them?
Do you ever wonder if they REALLY have to go the bathroom when they just went 15 minutes ago, and you tell them no and to get back in bed?
Do you ever wonder if they're really scared when you think they're just trying to find another excuse?
Do you ever wonder if they even realize how much you love them (even when you don't "like" them)?
Do you ever wonder how God can love us all so perfectly and patiently, even when we, the parents, act like naughty little kids who won't go to bed?

I do.


Honey said...


Ashton & Co. said...

I do, too. :)

Rebekah said...

Love a good ponder!
I love to wonder as I wander--well, not really, it is always better in a horizontal position!

love you guys

Alison said...

Can I just say I love this post? I wonder those exact same things. I loved visiting with you at the RS Broadcast by the way! SO fun to see you and Tanya there! Your family pictures turned out adorable! Love them! You have got a great looking family. Fun to find out that we live so close!

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