Thursday, October 21, 2010

A different way?

(When I look at this picture I laugh thinking about the kids walking into school exactly like how they're standing.  I can imagine the teachers saying, "Oh, bless those little Carter kids.") 

Do you ever get caught up doing something because you think it's the only way to do it, or you've just never thought there could be a different way?  I have.  In fact, I've just solved a major problem in my life.  Well, "major" in that it was an everyday sort of thing.  Every single stinkin' day I hated (it's a strong word, I know) making lunches for my kids to take to school!  It's one of those things I dreaded each morning.  I kept thinking, maybe it's the sandwich.  Yep, it's got to be the sandwich.  But I was wrong. 

I had a eureka moment.  Ah-ha!  I figured it out.  You'll laugh, I'm sure, but this has seriously saved my life.  Here's the solution: kids don't need a five, six, seven course meal for lunch!  I'm sure you all figured this out eons ago.  Why didn't you tell me?  I was making these gourmet lunches, well, not really gourmet, but way too much stuff.  When all kids want is something quick so they can go outside for recess!  Hello, earth to Lanette!  You could have saved yourself 3 years of torture!  I've been buying the 50 individual chip bags from Sam's, juice boxes, an apple, and a sandwich.  That's it.  They can do it themselves if they need to.  And they're fine with it!  They always would've been fine with it if it weren't for their crazy mom who made school lunches too big of a deal! 

Don't you love how making a simple change in your life can make such a big deal?  Here's to stress-free mornings!  Hallelujah!   


Honey said...

I LOVE that picture!!

Candy said...

that picture is rad. plus I totally agree with finding something that changes your life. I only have one school lunch to make and I hated it too. Just the other day I realized the same thing. She doesn't need eight different things to eat each day.

Now, how can I figure out a way to not freak out when there is a mess all over my house? from my kids? that they of course DON'T want to pick up!? AHH!

Rebekah said...

I had to laugh reading this--David was reading next to me, and he knew what I was laughing about. I tease him all the time that he was one of those "cool-lunch" kids that I envied--fruit cup, chip bag, twinkie, . . .
Yah, my lunch never looked that cool (I'm actually not bitter about it).
You've found a way for your kids to continue to have pretty "cool" lunches without stress, go Lanette!!!

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