Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The hard truth . . .

I'm the bearer of bad news. 
Whilst on my heavenly vacation my camera was baptized by immersion. 
In the ocean. 
She was sinless, I don't know why she fell. 
How dare she. 
Unfortunately, my visually-oriented self is struggling to blog without photos.  Isn't it so much more fun to read a post with a picture? 
Be honest.
It is to me.
So, be patient.  I'm on the lookout and saving my pennies. 
Why do I crave a $900 camera?
Why can't I settle for fewer megapixels?
I just can't do it.
I'm a camera snob. 
Judge me.
And while your judging stay tuned. 
I'm attempting to get back in the blogging saddle again.
I've got one foot in the stirrup . . .

p.s. if we're facebook friends, I just uploaded some great pics from our va-ca on my page.  Check 'em out.


Honey said...

Sorry about your camera. That stinks. But I'm SO HAPPY you're back!

katieo said...

you listen to me, missy. You don't need pictures to blog! I've missed you here, I want to hear what's up in your life and the kids - especially being around you guys for that little bit, I need a Carter fill. So maybe you could illustrate with some crayons or something. seriously.

p.s. It's 5:58 and I've been awake for an hour. Thomas had a bad dream. waaaa.

Kathy said...

ooooh - that is crappy :( but at least you get a new camera :)

Janie said...

I'm a camera snob too so I am grieving for your loss!! You are an artist with your photography so it is too hard to settle. I have a few friends that tell me, they don't know you but they loved reading your blog. It's not for your pictures, so keep up the blogging.

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