Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mission: (not) Impossible...

My latest mission, as a mother and teacher of my kids, is to remember this
(which I conveniently found in a Reader's Digest while I was, well,...you know):

"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

--Thomas Moore 

Can I please have this written in BOLD CAPS throughout my entire house?!

Can I please have this stamped on my childrens' hearts as they saunter about the entire house doing those "ordinary acts?" 

There's something empowering about a principle.  It gives power to the doing.  Purpose.  Consistent, purposeful living.  That's what I want my kids to know, to retain.

So, cleaning the toilet, clearing your dishes, setting play-station time limits, picking up your socks, hugging your mom, are all key components of soul-development?

I believe it.

I'm out to build character...one child at a time:).


Cylee Pressley said...

Why couldn't we live closer so you could rub off on me and share these little nuggets more often. Always an uplift to read what you write.

I am bummed that I did not remember about the wedding! I would have LOVED to see you and Shelly there!

Now that I live closer I am going to make it a point to come there when I am home.

Kathy said...

ok - i need the quote in my house. in bold, bright letters. amazing - thanks for posting it.

Yayi said...

When you print it, send a copy to my address as well.
I love little reminders of what I am supposed to be doing.
Love ya,

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