Thursday, January 14, 2010

Utah, here we come.

I thought I'd start my weekend with a smile.  This picture cracks me up!  Poor Brigham.  He looks so helpless, sad, cold.  I remember times like this as a kid.  It's miserable.  Imagine me taking this picture as he's walking towards me for help:  "Wait...Brigham, don't move, I've just about got it...stay still.  There."  Some mom, right?  Take note of the top, baby-front tooth resting comfortably in front of the permanent tooth.  That's a $700 procedure to fix.  Can you believe it?  The permanent tooth will never correct itself because it sits behind the bottom teeth when his mouth is closed.  Speaking of needs (post below), looks like he needs his mother to wipe his face with a warm towel.  Bless his little heart.

Well, we're off to Utah.  Fun, fun, fun with the Carter family.  See you soon.  Happy Friday!

Oh, as an aside, I know a 12 year-old girl named Georgia, like Georgia O'Keefe.  What do you think of that name?  I'm not pregnant, I was just thinking it sounded kind of cool, old, I'm not really sure what I think.  How 'bout you?


Poulsen Family said...

We're headed to Utah this weekend too.

My sister had the same problem with her teeth. She had to have the baby one removed and then put a chain on the permanent tooth to pull it in place- not fun.

Janie said...

From the title of your post I thought you were moving to Utah! Cylee would love that!

Just my opinion, but I do not like the name Georgia. But I'm not a fan of the State names/Country names. It's all about what you like though, right?

Honey said...

What a sad picture! SO COLD. I totally would have done the same thing though and taken a picture! :)

Have fun in Utah - I thought you were moving, too.

I'll get back to you on Georgia :) right now, I don't lean either way.

Cylee Pressley said...

You know whenever you go to Utah you are suppose to try and get in touch with me...don't you know that? J/K

I went to your neck of the woods on Friday. I hope you have safe trip. And poor Brigham having to pose with all that snow!

Kathy said...

georgia. . . hmmmm - i don't love it, but i know that harry connick jr has a daughter named georgia. . . :)
i LOVE these girl names: stella, miriam, avonlea, ruby, and rachel. yes, i recognize that rachel is the only common name in that bunch. heh.

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