Monday, November 23, 2009

just one...

I'm thankful for Ben.

Our kids would be so boring and bored without him. I used to think I was a super-fun mom. Then, I got tired. I guess my super-fun comes in bursts, not long stretches. Sprints not marathons.

Ben, however, is a super-fun machine. I guess it boils down to selflessness and patience. He wants them to be happy, he wants them to learn to play cool games: thinking, strategic games, to be tough, to throw a football, to fix ANYTHING, to do a flip and land on your feet, to know how to set up dominoes, to think logically, to know that you win some and you lose some, that you don't give up when it's hard. Life skills. And they eat out of his hand. I know I'm not as patient, I know I'm more selfish with "my" time. I don't think Ben ever has "his" time. Maybe this kind of stuff is "his" time?

I don't have to understand it, but I sure am thankful for it. My mom once said, "Marrying Ben is the best thing that ever happened to you." She was right.
*** I failed to mention that much to his chagrin, Ben came with me to the 10pm showing of New Moon on Friday night. Now, that's saying a lot.***


Honey said...

What a great guy! Way to go, Ben!

Rebekah said...

Loved that!
Ben really is such a great guy.

Kathy said...

oooh - did he like new moon??? i'm trying to get matt to come see it with me - but no luck yet.

you should have been up here with steph for new moon! maybe for eclipse. . . . :)

Kerri said...

Rich went to New Moon with me today. We both enjoyed it. I just love togetherness.

I think it's wonderful that Ben is such an involved, fun-making dad; and that you recognize and appreciate it.

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