Thursday, October 8, 2009

What DIDN'T we do?

Let's see, there was:

Hiking along the RIMROCK
General Conference
Elder/Sister Carter teaching the boys missionary dicussions
Billings Farmer's Market
Brigham's 8th Birthday (he'll get his own post)
Ice cream/cobbler @ the mission home
Singing hymns with the missionaries around a grand piano
Pompey's Pillar & visitors center(William Lewis, of Lewis & Clark...he
carved his name into the rock...
one of the only physical traces of his adventures)
LDS church with murals painted in a rotunda
Trip to Cody, WY
Gun museum
Art museum
Plains Indians museum
Buffalo Bill museum
Natural History museum
Pictograph caves with ancient indian paintings
...oh, and read 2 books...good ones.

It was a super great spite of the crummy couple of snowy, mushy days.
Yes, I said October...yuck.


Ashton & Co. said...

Looks and sounds AWESOME! Glad you guys had such a great time. What a fun way to spend a bit of vacation time! Call that you're home! :)

Harley said...

What fun! Such great family memories. :)

Shelley Gee said...

Yeah, what didn't you do? Good to have you back!! We need to get together soon. What good books did you read? I am still waiting for you e-mail on must reads...I already have some lists from a few people. Oh, did I mention I am listening to Christmas music?!!!!?

Rebekah said...

Wish we could have come. Looks like it was fun!
*I would love a touch of the freezing just now.

Kathy said...

wahoo - i love the snow!!!!! looks like a nice trip - are ben's parents on a mission?

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