Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hiking the butt...I mean, Butte.

Saturday was too beautiful to ONLY do housework. Our jobs done, we headed out. The Buttes are just west of us, miles away really. I was surprised to learn that it was once (probably thousands of years ago) a volcano. Cool. Due to our spontaneity, we picked the worst time to hike...afternoon sun, clear skies= HOT. William claimed he was dying, I was hoping for a little tan on any exposed skin, not to mention burning hundreds of calories, Brigham wanted to see if the volcano still had lava in it, Lincoln wanted to live in every little cave along the way, Annie was just happy to be there, and Ben wanted to get to the top (such a dad...it's all about getting there, right?). We did it! I was so proud of the kids for their determination.

William and I had a great talk about our hike as a metaphor for our lives (while everyone waited for us to catch up...frequently). Whenever I hike, I always think about that. In fact, as we were hiking, a little sign said "TRAIL" with an arrow. When I first read it, I saw "TRIAL" with an arrow. I laughed at my mistake. But so true about life. On our road back to Heavenly Father, trials are necessary. We're stretched, at times to our limits, only to find out that there's a little more elasticity than we thought. Once we reach the top, the view is, without a doubt, worth all the sweat and struggle. We felt that way. The valley below was gorgeous with all the farmland, the winding Snake River, the temple...everything was worth it, except for my freaking out that the kids were too close to the edge and might tumble to their deaths (probably an exaggeration, but any precipice makes me nervous when my kids are involved.)

All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, not to mention the invite from Mom and Dad for dinner and a movie later that day. "Up" is such a cute movie.


Cylee Pressley said...

That looks like fun! Pretty pictures at the top.

I really enjoy reading your blog you always have interesting thoughts.

We are moving to Utah Saturday...I have to tell you the story.

Kerri said...

My kids always point out the "R" mountain. They'd love to hike it. I remember running the trails for the high school cross country team. It was just dry & hot! Plus, I worry about rattle snakes. It's the protective mommy in me. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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