Monday, August 10, 2009

Idaho Meets Italy

Have you ever played Bocce (or Bocci or Boccie)?
I call it the Old-Italian-Man game (it did originate in Italy).
The rules are simple--even a kid can do it--and it's really fun.
Definitely, one of our favorite Sunday family activities (there are occasional tears from a losing party...Ben:)).

Try'll love it!

***WARNING: may cause severely competitive behavior amongst adults and children alike.***


katieo said...

Oh, we LOVE us some Bocce!

cute picures, Lanette! THey're making me laugh because I'm picturing you squatting on the ground behind the balls taking them. :)

Diana said...

We love this game. It is great for all ages, so no one feels left out. We'll have to hook up some time!

Team said...

Ah, reminds me of our competitive Cousin Crocket matches in the summers...did I spell that right?

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