Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Batman and Robin Take a Back Seat...

I had to act fast.
Somehow, I needed to peel my children's little eyeballs from the Animated Batman Complete 3rd and 4th season (newly checked-out from our local library)!
The perfect solution: a little trip to our college gardens.

It worked.
They were like kids in a candy store, needing to touch and experience everything.
This was an all-senses-allowed excursion.
I don't know why I imagined the kids lazily walking around, on the paths, holding my hands as we discussed the flora and fauna, listening to the birds sing their summer songs...

Wait, let's get real.

It was more like 5 kids darting in every direction, daring me to keep up. I quickly learned that was impossible, so, I strolled around slowly, with Annie, knowing that the boys couldn't live without their sweet, patient Mother for long. Thankfully, I was right (especially about the "sweet, patient mother" part:).
We soon came together again and had a great time.

And best of all...it was free.
The best kind of fun, in my opinion.


Janie said...

Lanette, You have a great eye for pictures. I love looking at your pix. That one of Annie is adorable in the flowers. Those gardens look beautiful.

Debbie and Bobby said...

Love the gardens! My roomates and I took pictures in there LONG ago :o) Looks like the kids loved em too!

Ashton & Co. said...

THose pics of your huckleberry hunt were fabulous! Soem look postcard worthy! Looks like you have been having fun. I enjoy looking at your blog so much!

Rebekah said...

That was magical! I want to go!
Your pictures really are looking so gorgeous--good eye (my favorite is annie and lincoln running toward the tree--so precious!).

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