Saturday, July 25, 2009

" . . .Down by the River"

(Fat guy in a little coat instant replay)

I'm reliving all my childhood memories as an adult, as the parent. We took our kids and Grandma and Grandpa floating down Box Canyon. Every year we floated down the river with my Grandparents. It was magical then, it's magical now.

There's nothing like mountain smells. You know, river water, pines, that wet-grassy-smell:). Somehow, I'm no longer the "fun" person I used to be. I didn't want to get wet, I didn't want to jump in, I didn't walk through the waterfall like everyone else. Somehow, responsibility takes some of my free-spirit away from me. If I'm wet and cold, how can I comfort a wet and cold child? I'll work on that.

The shoe picture above holds a dear, sweet memory to me. As a child, I would sit inside my dad's closet with that EXACT pair of shoes. Those red beauties! I learned to tie shoes using those shoes. I still remember the day! I guess most kids learn to tie shoes on their own feet. Not me. Dad's shoes were easier, I guess. It's funny to me that those shoes are 30 years old, and he's still wearing them. That's my dad.

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Harley said...

Awe, I love family reunions! It looks like you had a wonderful time. You & your children will remember those times forever. I love the picture of Ben & little Annie in their life jackets. So cute.

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