Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crazy-Shopping 101


What do you get when you take four overly-excited children racing through the grocery store, each with their own made-for-kids shopping cart?

A nail-biting mother afraid for every uncovered heel in the entire store!

Can't you just hear the wheels of each cart rattling out of control, darting in and out of many a precarious path at extreme speeds, or see the crazed eyes of a child with complete shopping cart-Independence? I'm sure your imaginings are not exaggerated!

I rarely go to the grocery store with all my kids; however, with Ben out of town I had no choice. It's amazing what a smiling mother can get away with. Somehow, my kids' antics were "Ahhhhh"-worthy instead of, "would you please control your children!"

It was definitely memorable, even laughable, but not a memory I'd like to revisit in the near future.
*** Lest I am labeled too-lenient a parent:), there were several moments of stopping, reminding, cautions, slowing down, etc. How quickly little, active minds forget. I'm sure you understand. ***


Janie said...

What store has those carts? Those are adorable.

Shelley Gee said...

You are one brave woman! But, if anyone could handle it, it would be you!!

Kelli Albaugh said...

I'm sure your kids had a blast!

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