Sunday, June 7, 2009

Time Out for Lanette...

(Just had to show you my cute, little Airwalks I found at DI:)).

Yes, that's me and Hil, we're tight:).

This weekend, my mom and I went to Time Out for Women. It's a weekend program, sponsered by Deseret Book. It was so fun, uplifting, and insightful. The speakers/ musicians were Brad and Debbie Wilcox, S. Michael Wilcox, Wendy Ulrich (a psychologist, runs a healing institute), Emily Freeman (author), Chris Stewart (author of The Great and Terrible series), Hillary Weeks (my favorite LDS musician), Jenny Jordan Frogley, and Abe Mills (Jericho Road).

I wish I could attend this kind of thing once a month! It was so good for my soul. Besides uplifting speakers, there was so much music- I love watching people perform and because the crowd wasn't too big, we had great seats. Totally up close and personal. It's always neat for me to see "celebrities (to an LDS audience)", as normal people. To visit with authors I respect and they're just like the neighbors next door. I know, they're just like you and me, but it's still fun to interact with them on a normal person to person level. Maybe this is so novel to me because it rarely happens:).

I'm recommited to doing a little better in all aspects of life.

- Listening to Michael Wilcox, I want to know the scriptures like him. His message was beautiful, and he has this understanding borne from years and years of consistent study.

- The Wilcox's were hilarious! They showed me how fun and funny life can be, even and especially amidst struggles.

- Chris Stewart spoke of our beautiful and blessed country. He was so patriotic and informed about history and current events. I could have listened to him all day.

My little highlight was a visit with Hillary Weeks. Ever since I was thirteen and heard her song, "He Hears Me" on an EFY tape, I have loved her music! To watch her perform and hear about her journey as a musician/ songwriter and as a regular person left such an impression on me. And she's hilarious. That's the cool part. Sometimes, I struggle with a fear of singing out, or getting so nervous when I'm about to sing. Listening to her and hearing that she struggled with that for years gave me hope and courage to just sing. Who cares, just sing. Oh, and we parked right next to her car! We walked in, following her husband and three of their cute, cute, little girls.

Wow, I was filled this weekend. I love the gospel and I'm so grateful for the happiness the Lord offers us. I love soul-sharing and the strength that comes from uplifting relationships. I love the charity that the Lord blesses me with--I love loving others. It feels so good. I love being a woman. I am so grateful for the spirit that completely maximizes my joy. Gratitude...that's what it's all about.


katieo said...

Wow! What an awesome weekend!
(Is it wrong to write I am seething with jealousy? yes? ok then, I really am happy you got such a fantastic time - with your Mom no less, so fun!!)

Kerri said...

Lanette, I love the soul-bearing you do on your blog. BECAUSE, you have a beautiful & blessed soul.

Harley said...

I am so glad you got your picture with "Hil" (now that we KNOW her and all--wink). I'm gald you enjoyed your weekend. I absolutley loved it & needed it too. Such an uplifting spiritual feast.

Debbie and Bobby said...

That sounds awesome. Someday I will do something like would be a great time...feeling kind of down in the dumps today :o(

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