Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Remember the Sabbath day . . . "

Um . . . I honestly tried. Last Sunday, the pool (baby pool) was too tempting. Every time I turned around it seemed like one kid or another found his way into the darn thing. I found wet clothes strewn about everywhere! You may be asking why I didn't just empty it? Call me a tree-hugger, but I always think about wasting water, dumping it out everyday and refilling it the next. I'll admit that today, I did not set up my kids for success. I cling to the famous Anne of Green Gables line, "Tommorow is always fresh and new, with no mistakes in it." Love it!

Speaking of Anne of Green Gables, for any enthusiasts out there, my friend is leaving tommorow on a ten day trip, on a cruise up the St. Lawrence River to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, visiting all the "Anne" sights, taking tours, etc., heading down to Maine and ending in Boston. Jealous? Me, too!

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