Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How Cute are Those? Don't Let the Cuteness Fool You!

Yes, they may be cute.

Yes, they are certainly tasty.

Yes, you should probably take out a loan to buy one.

$2.75 for one cupcake!

I'm not kidding.

I'm not very happy about cupcake monopolies!

Maybe I should start my own business and create a little competition.



Diana said...

These are awesome cupcakes, but I'm with you. I would love to start a bakery with you!

Candy said...

i wish i was your neighbor. i would come steal them! yummy!

pricy for sure though!

Kerri said...

And you bought half a dozen! (They are so yummy, but yes, pricey).

My brother-in-law used to jest about there being a title loan company right next to Cold Stone creamery.

jenifer said...

hmmm. i seem to remember your cupcake making experience. i'm not sure you are the one to break the monopoly. ;)

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