Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Bathrobe...

Brigham is obsessed with this little, green, fleecy robe that a friend gave us, years ago. It was too big for the kids, but now, it fits perfectly.

Okay, the funny part. Brigham wears it all day, every day...and even sleeps in it at night. He tried to wear it to school. The first day, I said, "People don't wear bathrobes to school, Brig."

The next day, he has it on again! Bathrobe, soccer socks, backpack...ready to walk out the door. I said, "Brig, I thought we talked about this already."

"I know, Mom, but it's Show-and-Tell today. I'm taking it in for Show-and-Tell," he says, very resolutely.

"Oh, well, hmm...only if I can take your picture." (I had to document this one.)

So, picture taken, off he went to school (to face the harsh, cruel world of peers). After school, I asked, "So Brigham, how'd it go today? Did anyone say anything about your bathrobe?"

"Yeah, one kid said, 'Nice pajamas'. And Ms. Hill (his teacher) said, 'What's up with this robe business?'"

"Oh...when the kids asked you about it, what did you say?"

"I told them that I couldn't find my coat."

ASIDE *** Are you kidding me? "Couldn't find his coat," my eye! We know exactly where his coat is.***

"That wasn't true, Brig. Why'd you say that?"

"Well, I didn't want them all to know what my Show-and-Tell was!"

"Oh...well, I get it now. Next time, tell them the truth, okay?"



Candy said...

that is hilarious! what a great story.

Rebekah said...

Love cute kids. I must say that he and Adam were meant to be buddies--Adam got a fleecy blue robe for his birthday last year and loves to wear it--bed time, over clothing, anytime! I think he feels all posh and grown up--Eli ended up asking for a robe for Christmas (adam must have made it look really good!).

Ashton & Co. said...

What's so funny about that is Sadie came home today and told me Brigham totally wore his robe to school today! Too cute!

Kerri said...

Your posts always make me smile. I love you dearly.

Marilou said...

I just laugh every time I see him put it on :)

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