Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday William...

Today was William's day. I love that it's still so simple to please him. His breakfast of choice: frosted flakes. Lunch: butter and jam, string cheese. Dinner (my favorite): french toast, bacon, sausage.

We had fun taking the infamous cupcakes to his class. He was so proud. However, when it was time to go out to recess, I asked if he wanted to help me gather our things and I'd walk him out to the playground. "No, I want to go with my friends," he said. My heart had a little tinge of sadness. I just wanted to hug and kiss him and keep him small.
We ate dinner at Grandma's house and opened presents. What is Bakugon? Well, apparently it's the latest craze amongst the little guys. He can't wait to show his friends. Brig is a little jealous. Personally, I liked the basketball. As we speak, Ben and the kids are outside, shooting some hoops. My kind of night.

I love my sweet William. Out of all our kids, he's remained the "mama's boy." He's keenly aware of things, observant. I love when we're driving, just he and I, and he'll pipe out with a random thought that's been running around that brain of his. He sees how others feel (except Lincoln...that's more like torture) and thinks about it. He chooses the "different" kid to be his friend: the short one, the quiet one, the crazy one no one else wants to be around, etc. His heart is still soft. He remembers things, random things, names of odd people in the bible, obscure memories.

I love to see William "becoming."

He's a marvel.


Janie said...

Happy B-day William! I loved the cupcake story. They looked yummy though. Probably because I am on a sugar cleanse and haven't had any sugar even fruit for 4 days. STOP SHOWING ME CUPCAKES! AHHHH. :)

Diana said...

Happy birthday to William! What a fun day. It definitely tugs at those heart strings to see them get bigger! William's teacher must be Mrs. Rudd who is our neighbor. Great lady. Tell her you're one of my most favorite cousins!

Rebekah said...

Bakugon, eh? David and I had to laugh when we read that--it just sounds so made-up. Fun, fun all the "new" things we miss out on here.
Happy Birthday, William!!

P.S. from David:
Now I know where you got your inspiration for your blog! Ben was readin’ up eh?? (check out this link)

Yayi said...

I am glad he had a chance to enjoy your cupcakes!! they actually did not look that bad! (I hope you saved one for this momma who is having cravings..LOL).
Give Will kisses in behalf of all of us! and please tell him we love him a lot!!

grapeape said...

like before, i had already read this, but thought i would come back to comment. :)

i can't remember now--was William born when you moved into the ward there in Chandler?? i'm fairly certain you were pregnant with him. where does the time go? :) and now you have two more kids...! :) what a CUTE boy he has become!

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