Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lunch Time!

I forgot how fun it was to be at an elementary school at lunchtime! After Kindergarten, William and I stayed at school and ate lunch with Brigham, and was even coaxed into staying for recess. How can you deny twenty first- graders begging you to stay? I couldn't.

I loved watching the kids in their element, how they act when they're with their friends, just laughing, teasing, showing off. It was so fun. They loved having a new adult face to show all the cool tricks they can do, and jokes they can play. Brigham's best friend, Josh, even whispered in the Principal's ear that I had some zucchini bread in my lunch for him! He approached me, and unfortnately, I had none to give. I felt so silly, we all had a good laugh at my expense!

I remember my school lunch room as huge. It's strange to be in one again, as a "big person." It all looks so small. I loved how everyone seemed friendly. I didn't hear one mean word, unkindness, at all. I'm sure it happens, but it was fun to see all the kids laughing, different grades interacting with eachother, not acting "too cool" because they were older. It felt so close-knit. It was funny to see Taylor Swift on the wall, advocating milk:).

I saw something I'd never thought of before. A 3rd grader, sitting across from me, pulled out a plastic container with cereal. She bought a milk and poured it in her bowl and had cereal for lunch! Smart idea. She said she didn't have any bread to make a sandwich, so she brought cereal. It's funny because 1. I didn't even make my own lunch in 3rd grade and 2. I didn't think it was "ok" to eat cereal for lunch, when I was little.
Every kid had to show me something special they could do at recess. I loved it! "Hey, Brigham's Mom," "Hey, Sister Carter, WATCH!" They were little balls of energy; I stood there, freezing, while some of the kids didn't even have a coat on, and they're jumping around doing ninja moves. It was hilarious. I loved seeing my kids playing with all the kids in their church classes. They have such a great group of boys...all good boys...and all so different. I'm glad they have eachother.

Needless to say, my afternoon was fabulous. I felt so good seeing how happy it made Brigham that we were there. That he still wanted me to hug and kiss him, even if his friends were watching. I loved that kids just love being together, toothless grins and disheveled hair aside. School is so fun. I'm so grateful to experience a little of it again, through my kids' eyes.

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