Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Warning: May Contain Disgusting Information

I had such an enlightening discussion with Brigham today after school. I'm grossing myself out just thinking about said discussion. Boy, will we get a good laugh out of this when Brigham's older! We were snuggling after school. I was listening about his day, and then he did it-he started picking his nose. This is nothing new...I have a little brood of nose pickers, but I finally asked the question,

"So, Brig, do you like picking your nose?"
"How come?"
"Cause it fills me up."
"Fills you up! What do you mean?"
"Well, if I get hungry, I just eat a booger, and it fills my tummy up."
"Are you kidding me? What do boogers taste like?"
"Oh, nothing really. I just feel them in my mouth, they don't really have a taste."
"Wow, Brig, that's pretty gross. Are you gonna pick your nose when you're married, so your wife can see?"
"No! She'd get mad at me!"
"Well, you better start trying to stop now, cause if you keep doing it, it's gonna be pretty hard to quit."

And off he goes, smiling, to see what his brothers are doing. I lay there, a little dumbfounded...a little grossed out that boogers are used as a filler in my child's diet, and a little humored by a 7-year old boy.


Shelley Gee said...

Well, it sounds like you have found your fast, cheap and easy lunches!!! That is way to funny!

jenifer said...

We were having a discussion about NOT wiping boogies on the wall. Anna informed us in her most grown-up voice that she NEVER wipes her boogies on the wall. She either eats them or uses a tissue.
see. she's learning.

Cylee Pressley said...

I LOVE it! That was great. I wish I could have seen that discussion. Well done, Lanette!

Marilou said...

That is hilarious! I can totally picture that conversation in my head :) I hope you are getting caught up on your sleep and that Annie feels better.

Kathy said...

don't worry, he can marry hannah. she likes to pick too. gag. although she's a closet nose picker - never out in public. maybe she can train him to do that too :)

Turtle1424 said...

Thats a great story, I also ask my boys after school how their day was and how all the kids are sometimes i even ask how they are by name so i asked how Isabella is and they said mom she picks her nose and eats it, yuck. So now every time I ask they tell me Isabella still picks her nose lol . Kids dont you just love them.

Yayi said...

I am not sure if it is the way you tell stories or the stories themselves, but you always make me laugh!!!

RaeLynn said...

Oh my gosh, THAT is funny. What a little character...

katieo said...

Luke eats his "boogies" too. It's depressing. I'm like, "sooooo, you won't eat my dinner... buuut you'll eat green and grey mucus coming our of your nose. okay then."

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