Friday, January 16, 2009

Run-in with the LAW!

Lincoln's entire life we've struggled to keep him in a car seat! He can manuever himself out of everything, short of tying, duct taping, etc. My prayers were answered (not how I expected, but I'll take an answer any day). We had a run-in with the law! Here I am, cruising down main street, very aware that I AM going the speed limit (due to my failure to get an Idaho driver's license STILL and not wanting to pay a HUGE fine), and and blue flashing lights. My stomach drops, I feel a total adrenaline rush...fight or flight...and I think, "What did I do...I'm innocent...I was NOT speeding!" I pull over and yell, "LINCOLN, buckle your seat belt NOW!" I sounded kind of pathetic to myself, as if I was teaching him it was only important to wear a seat belt when you're about to be pulled over by a police officer!

Well, I had a nice chat with Mr. Officer, learning that I was pulled over because he could see Lincoln standing up in the back of the van. Impulsively, I start pouring my soul out to the cop because this really IS an issue I've dealt with for a while and I've yet to find a solution that works. He asked to speak with Lincoln. After a brief, informative chat, Lincoln is convinced that a booster/car seat is the choice for him. Pray that he has a very good memory, or else we'll be making a weekly stop at the local police station! Oh, and no, I did NOT get a ticket...only a friendly warning. Thank you, Officer.

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Kathy said...

i LOVE this post - so hilarious. my girls are always questioning having to sit in their booster seats too. they are such emotional things though, i think they might have started crying if the policeman started talking to them!!!!! anyway - glad he learned his lesson and you didn't get a ticket :)

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