Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Can I tell you why I love this picture?

Before you stands the newest cub scout in the pack.  I don't think I've ever seen a kid stand taller.  He didn't care that his hand-me-down shirt was threadbare from tearing off his brother's old patches and has yet to don his own.  He didn't care that his neckerchief slide is for a webelos scout instead of a wolf.  He didn't care that he had holes in the knees of his too-short jeans (totally my fault).  He didn't care that his shoe was untied.  Or that he had a massive scratch down the side of his face from Sammy and a rogue screwdriver (also my fault).


That kid was a cub scout and that's about all that mattered.

Some memories you wish you could savor forever.  And Lincoln, at this moment, is one of those.

1 comment:

jenifer said...

He's changing! He looks so much like Will in this picture. Cute boy.

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