Monday, January 7, 2013

Circle of love.

This sweet thang (heh, I'm going all southern on you since getting hooked on the past 22 episodes of Hart of Dixie on Netflix) lost her first tooth!  At our house, moments like these are slightly monumental; with a house o' kids, losing one's FIRST tooth is something we celebrate (to keep the tears at bay from the momentarily-shocked child who feels a piece of her is missing).  

While some of you are championing world peace (big victory), we're losing teeth (small victory)!  I still have one more FIRST-tooth-loser to go, but after out world, we're jumping onto the "peace train" (coincidentally, such a GREAT SONG by Cat Stevens, which, when in high school, I was listening to with a friend driving home from soccer practice and we got in a slight fender-bender...she was driving.  Good times).

I'm digressing.  Circle of love, right?  Well, Annie loses her tooth.  We celebrate!  Annie puts tooth in baggy.  Annie sets bag-o-tooth down.  Mommy straightens house and accidentally throws bag-o-tooth away (yikes).  Annie cries, lost tooth.  Mommy wonders.  Mommy asks Daddy to go through the garbage in search of bag-o-tooth.  Daddy digs.  Bag-o-tooth found!  Annie happy.  Mommy happy.  Daddy, er, happy too.  Circle of love.

And tonight.  Mommy is tired.  Kids are hungry.  Daddy gets home.  We eat.  Daddy wants to go to Grandma's to watch the Bama vs. Notre Dame game later that night.  (Daddy hardly ever asks to do stuff like this.)  Mommy is still tired.  Daddy starts doing the dishes to remove the guilt of going to Grandma's.  Mommy kicks him out of the kitchen and sends him to Grandma's.  Daddy is happy.  Mommy is (kind of) happy, too, because Daddy is happy.  Kids are happy because Mommy is nicer than Daddy putting kids to bed.  Circle of love.

Come to think of it, in a roundabout sort of way, the road to world peace begins with families learning to work, sacrifice, and yes, even dig through the garbage for each other.  Maybe I am doing my small part for world peace already?  Oh wait, that was Ben, wasn't it...

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