Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving, part III.

Getting kind of bored with Thanksgiving, eh?  I guess you won't be too excited about parts IV and V.  Kidding!  I think this is the last of it.  Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the feast itself.  I was too busy enjoying it.  Honestly, I ate too much the entire trip.  Ugh.  Lesson learned.

The boys wanted to launch their rockets with the cousins.  Brigham had built his own for a scout merit badge.  We went to Ben's old high school football field--the glory days of Ben's high school career--and launched them over and over.  The kids loved chasing the rockets, hoping to catch them before they crashed.  Just our luck, the parachutes didn't cooperate half the time.  

I thought to myself how grateful I was that the whole family would actually stand in frigid weather to watch something like this, all to humor a couple of kids.  I'm lucky to be connected to these people.  That my kids are loved not just by me and Ben, but a whole slew of really great people that my kids can look up to and respect (For the most part, heh.  I've got one potty-mouthed brother-in-law...whom I love, really...but let's just say I've advised my kids not to copy Uncle Tim...or else.  I've dealt with enough swearing for one month).

At the end of the day I count my lucky stars that these are my people.

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