Wednesday, October 3, 2012


In our scout troop we have what's called a "bridging."  It's where a boy "graduates" from Cub Scouts and moves on to Boy Scouts.  They literally have a little wooden bridge set up for the boys to walk across where they join their new scout leaders and receive a neckerchief.  It's a pretty special night.
 some of the scouts doing four-legged races.

Brigham had his bridging this month.  And the best thing of all, besides all the hard work on his part (and mine, 'cuz who are we kidding?), his Cub Master made this little ditty, a display of all his awards from Cubs.  Isn't that the neatest thing?  

Brigham felt like the bee's knees.  And rightly so.  These boys and their leaders work so hard to reach this point.  Scouting is SUCH A GREAT program for boys.  I am converted.

And just so you know, I'm having a hard time writing blog posts lately with THESE fun people hanging around (my brother is the nerd in back)!  My sweet brother and his ultra-sweet, prego wife and their four very handsome boys are visiting from Connecticut.  We are SO lucky to play with them, and our kids think they've died and gone to heaven...

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