Friday, June 15, 2012

Flag Day Fun.

Did you put up your flag for Flag Day yesterday?  As a fundraiser the Boy Scouts put flags in everyone's front yard.  It's a beautiful sight.  I love our flag.  I love it so much that I go above and beyond, heh, and have TWO flags in our front yard!  I'm a flag-raising over-achiever.  It's hard to be me on those flag-ish holidays, so much work:).

We celebrated with a little fire in our makeshift fire pit, in the dead weeds, on our driveway.  Roughing it, you can imagine.  Campfires are all happiness to me with the smells, the dirt, the mess, and the charred:), edible treasures.  I like that my expectations are clear.  We will get dirty, we will get sticky, we will get messy.  Once those absolutes are firmly planted in my brain I can relax and join in the FUN.

We tried a new thing this year.  Popping popcorn.  Brigham learned how at one of his scout meetings and decided to teach us.  We failed miserably, except Ben.  But that's the fun with fires.  Just throw your mistakes in the fire AND WATCH THEM BURRNNN!!  That's just as fun, isn't it?  We think so.

(I have yet to inform my kids that their mother was a serious play-with-fire kind of gal in her younger years.  Shhh, don't tell.  Our little secret, ok?  If my mother only knew.  Speaking of...I wonder what I don't know about my own kids...are they sneaky like me?  If I only knew?!  I'd like to think that I'm ultra-aware of trouble because I was such a trouble-maker myself, I can sniff it a mile away.  Oh dear, I guess it's time to hide the matches!)

Today is Friday.  Ben's day at the temple (my feelings about that, HERE).  I'm doing great so far.  No martyrdom yet.  And to think, he's only been gone 45 minutes!  Gosh, I'm good.  

Are you ready for Father's Day THIS Sunday?  We're just about there, ourselves.  Happy day!  

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