Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Three randoms.

(The pictures below are from a tree in our front yard.  Standing near the tree you can hear the buzzing strength of HUNDREDS of bees.  It's so cool.  Spring IS here.)

Charlie may or may not have saved my life last night.  After a challenging sort of day, I took Charlie on a walk in the dark.  The dark can be so peaceful because there's not much to see except...darkness.  It's lacking in stimulation so the mind can rest and listen.  Have you felt that before?

Anyway, as we were walking, Charlie stopped.  He wouldn't take another step.  I tugged a little, he pulled back.  I tried again.  Same response.  I got down on a knee and rubbed his ears.  When I stood up, down the road and off to the side were the faint silhouettes of three large moose.  Moose!  Did you know that moose can be VERY aggressive?  Well, I turned around, thanks to Charlie.  We made it home and I was left wondering what could have happened if I'd continued.  Who knows?

My mom tutors Lincoln three days a week.  On the drive home yesterday he told her that Ben did the Heimlich maneuver on a duck and saved its life????!!!  I laughed about that for a while.  I think the motivation behind that comment was that my parents have a momma duck sitting on TEN eggs in their back yard.  Lincoln is mildly obsessed with the ducks well-being.  Today, he told me that he had to get a tarantula out of his shoe at school.  Nice.

Oh, and one more thing.  I was visiting with my mom on Mother's Day.  We were watching Ben, Dad, Sofie, and the kids playing baseball in the yard.  My mom told me a story.  When she was a little girl, back in 1951, she read a book about famous people.  One highlighted person was Babe Ruth.  She remembered the title, "Babe Ruth: Baseball Boy."  That night at dinner, she announced to her family that they were now to call her ANN GEE: BASEBALL GIRL!  I laughed about that for a while, too.  It's so fun to hear stories about your parents when they were kids.  Kids are kids, whether its 1951 or 2012.


Cylee Pressley said...

We haven't talked in forever but I still totally enjoy reading your blog. So happy about your new "gig" and all the other wonderful things going on with you.

Harley said...

The picture of grandpa & Annie hand in hand is priceless. She is darling out there in her spinning skirt & bare feet walking in the dirt. I love it! I LOVE the pictures of the bee. You are amazing!

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