Friday, May 18, 2012

The CUTEST Meriwether Lewis I ever did see.

Brigham's favorite part of 4th Grade has been the Idaho History unit.  I can't count how many times throughout the year he's come home with one interesting fact or another about our state.  And I'm glad because I don't know any of it.  I didn't grow up here, so these little bits of info are fun, even for me.

The culminating event/rite of passage for all 4th graders is the Idaho History Wax Museum.  The kids work for weeks on scenery, props, reports, and put it all together in the gym.  The fun part is that each display has a button you push, like at real museums, and the characters in the display act out a part of Idaho's history, like, Native Americans, Lewis and Clark, the Gold Rush, Missionaries, Pioneers, Chief Joseph, etc.

Brigham was Meriwether Lewis, of Lewis and Clark fame.  Over the past few years, Brigham has turned into a thespian.  Normally, he doesn't want the attention.  But put him on a stage and he loves it.  I guess there may be one teeny part of me in that boy, after all.

Since Annie's preschool teacher's son was William Clark, Brigham's partner, she had the preschool take a field trip to the school for the event.  I was happy to be a chaperon, kind of like killing two birds with one stone.

Ben surprised us all by leaving work and showing his handsome face:).  And Grandma and Grandpa came, too.  Brigham was loving all the support and attention.

I was so impressed with these 4th graders AND their teachers.  They took their roles very seriously and looked like they enjoyed every minute.  It beats regular class any day, so why not?  

What a great way to end a great year!


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