Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Feel good moment.

We had the perfect day.

(Not today, mind you, because the wind was blowing, it was super-chilly, and to twist the knife a little more, I never saw the sun.  Hence, my reminiscence of better days.)  

I'm talking about a week ago.  We'd just made it home from our long weekend in Utah.  Nothing sounded more relaxing than flying kites (The fact that I wasn't remotely ready to start thinking about what to make for dinner had nothing to do with all).  

The weather was a little too inviting.  So, like any meal-delaying mother, I wholeheartedly--and, with MUCH love--scooted the children out the door into the arms of their kite-assembling father:).  Boy, am I clever.

No other activity embodied peace like watching those kites floating on the breeze as I lay in the grass, nothing but sky and treetops in my sights.  The ebb and flow was almost hypnotizing. 

Peace can only last so long, however.  Children get bored, kites crash, or in our case, become so completely entangled with each other that all the sacredness of the moment flits away, leaving in its wake a tangled mess of annoyance.  Luckily, I was NOT the kite-assembling nor the kite-detangling father.  This was my signal to head inside.  After all, it was time for dinner, and who am I to shirk my motherly-duties?

This was a comical reminder that, as they say, "all good things must come to an end."  Which, frankly, is a little too absolute for my liking, but in this case, was true.  Vacations end, school resumes, life goes on whether we want it to or not.

The trick is to enjoy the ride...and pray for good weather:).

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Joyful Noise for a Joyful Life said...

I love this and your precious pictures. I recall a kite flying day when we looked up at how far the kite was in the sky and determined it best to snip the string than to try to rewind it. Better to let it soar free than spend an hour and tendenitis to bring it back home. 8-P

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