Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve, part 1

We started Christmas Eve with our annual gingerbread houses, which may or may not have been graham crackers (I have yet to make my own gingerbread.  Someday).  The kids consumed just as much--if not more--candy than what made it on their houses.  I love watching my kids create.  They're all so different!  And, I LOVE all the bright colors of the candy.  Doesn't it just make you happy looking at it?!

A short time later we were off to the "Walk Around the Christmas Tree" at the church house.  This is an annual celebration that's been happening in our area for 123 YEARS!  It is steeped in tradition.  We are newbies, but people are very accepting of newcomers:).  They set a Christmas tree in the middle of the gym.  Live music is playing.  Boy, oh, boy, do we have some talent in this area!  Everyone is dancing, walking around the tree, or watching people dance.  There are smiles and reunions all around. 

Santa made an appearance and all but Brigham sat on his knee.  William kept telling me that this was NOT the real Santa, just a helper because the REAL Santa was too busy at the moment.  He's a believer who, I think, "knows," yet chooses to still believe.  Keeping the magic alive.  I was the same way as a kid.

The kids loved hanging out with their friends.  I loved dancing with Sammy.  Ben and I danced ONCE (it's all me, he's the willing partner).  A waltz.  I feel so dumb because I'm not a good dancer.  Well, I'm not good when I'm being serious, dancing FOR REAL.  Let me goof around and THEN I'm a good dancer!

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