Friday, October 21, 2011

Life revisited.

There's something to be said for spacing your kids. 
(There's something to be said for having them close together, too . . . that's another post altogether.)
I didn't realize it until now because our first four babies were all less than two years apart.
The fun thing about having little Sammy is the four year spacing.
It's like starting all over again MINUS the anxiety and stress of first-time parenting.

With my other kids, they were ALL so little that I was meeting needs constantly.
Everyone needed my help.
Survival mode (it wasn't bad, I didn't know any different.  I was happy . . . and crazy).

This time is different.
We're all in this together: taking care of Sammy.
Everyone else is pretty self-sufficient:
i.e. can get breakast, tie shoes, make lunches, wipe their bums, etc.
We're free to enjoy every minute with this baby boy--poopy diapers and all.
"Many hands make light work."
It's true.

After Sam was born, all the sweet old ladies around me told me to let NO OUTSIDE OBLIGATION get in the way of loving my baby.  I obeyed.  They were right.  This month has been completely family-focused and nothing else.  I stayed home as often as I could.  Loving Sam and being there for Ben and the kids was all I did.  I realized that with my other babies I jumped back into life too soon.  Like I felt I had to prove I was super-woman, or something.  Inevitably, there were emotional crashes with each baby.  Pride, pride, pride.  With Sam, I've felt balanced, peaceful, and full of positive emotion.  Live and learn, right?

Sam is one month old.  I'm stepping back into life.  I've started exercising.  My waistline is resuming a semi-normal shape. The clothes-of-the-person-I-once-was are within reach.  I can wear high-heels to church!  I picked up a book I've been dying to read.  I'm ready to blog.  We're establishing new family routines.  Life is slowly feeling normal. 

And I feel good. 
Really good. 
And grateful. 
So grateful.


Honey said...

I know how you feel. It wasn't until after I had Henry that something clicked. Like you said, I didn't need to bounce right back or be superwoman. I could enjoy him. I'm so happy you're doing well. You certainly make cute babies. :) I still can't get over his hair - it's gorgeous!

Katie The Lady said...

That is exactly how it felt having Jack 4 years after Ronin. Being another boy, i sometimes wish he was closer in age to the other kids, but it has been wonderful with him being the only baby around. I agree with your entire post, and also mention that you look gorgeous!

Candy said...

ok first things first, that baby has THE BEST baby hair I have ever seen. Hands down.

And I'm glad to hear how peaceful and calm you've felt. There is always an adjustment period with each baby and new routines to be established. But you sound so happy and in control. I'm so happy for you!

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