Monday, October 24, 2011

Sam I Am.

I wonder what my family would do to me if I was completely helpless, at their every whim?
Then I'd know how Sam feels.
Patient boy.
That's all there is to it.
I'm sure that's what he'd say
. . . IF he could talk.

Winning First Place

Mowing the lawn with Dad

Acting as "tee" for a punt

Ready for burial (according to the kids) as a knight.  Fully equipped with sword, shield, and arm armour (which he refused to wear).

Being measured on our growth chart

Ready for the BYU game.  He's pretty excited, right?


jenifer said...

oh my sweet boy... he looks like he could be MY baby. doesn't he? that one picture with his gold medal could be my baby for sure. oh, i love him already.

Honey said...

The picture of Ben mowing, holding Sam, with Lincoln hanging off the back, is priceless!

Sweet, sweet baby.

katieo said...

oh. forgot to leave a comment. Just had to say that one of Ben holding him whilst mowing - well, it's an image that has stayed in my head for days.

funny and so adorable.

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