Thursday, August 11, 2011

We be jammin' . . .

The past few weeks have been JAM-PACKED with family.
I've discovered an equation: oodles of family time =  not so much blog.
But, oh, am I excited to update and post pictures!
I'm starting backwards.
My yesterday.
The first evening in weeks with JUST our little family.
And what did we do?
We picked raspberries to our hearts content (and right across the street to boot)!

Times like that fill me clear up with love for my little family.
Everyone is happy.
Everyone is working.
(Everyone (Lincoln) is taking my camera so I can't take any pictures of said picking, but later, discovered a whole lotta hollyhock pictures.)
Everyone is enjoying each other.
Everyone speaks in hyperboles,
"MY bucket is OVERFLOWING!" (Hmm...and so is your tummy)
"I have enough to feed our family through the WINTER!"
"I have raspberrries coming out my EYEBALLS!"
JOY, joy, joy.

We slaved away this morning making jam because Ben left for a 3-day campout with the boy scouts after lunch.  Ben happens to be the JAM-MAN.  He makes it happen around here.  Sweet fella.

The summer is passing before my eyes. 
I'm not ready. 
School starts in 12 days. 
I'm not ready to let go of my little lovelies.
Will everyone join me in one BIG nostalgic sigh?
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh . . ."


Brian and Ali Childs said...

Beautiful pictures and post as always. Makes me miss my country life in beautiful Rexburg. PS. I can't believe you are doing all that work and about to explode!

Katie The Lady said...

YUM! I love raspberries!...And fun family time too!

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