Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I "heart" America.

I LOVE them.
4th of July traditions are in the bag.
Parade in the morning.
BBQ in the afternoon.
Fireworks at night.
And LOTS of playing in between.
Probably pretty standard.

Well, they sound standard, however, it's the details that make it special.  We sit in the same spot every year for the parade.  We look for the same floats and businesses we always look for: a gas station of car washers, a hilarious law office, and free chocolate milk (which didn't happen this year.  Very sad.).  We count on them.  Our kids make themselves sick on candy, and I pick through their stash, taking my favorite things, i.e. Goetze's Caramels with those deightful white centers.  Ooohh, yum.  Our BBQ is usually with family, but this year we celebrated with friends.  Amazing food, great company, happy kids . . . I'm so grateful for good friends (especially when Gma and Gpa are gone for the 4th).  We planned on going to the rodeo where they do a fireworks show after, however, the kids chose doing our own fireworks over the rodeo.  I was surprised.  But, it was simple and they were happy.  Perfect combination.

I love the fourth of July.  I love our country.  She deserves more than a celebration, she deserves our best efforts to preserve what God has established in this great, great land.  God bless America . . . because, boy, oh boy, she needs it.

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