Saturday, March 5, 2011

Who's Grateful? Meeee.

(That's my Lincoln, in the yellow shirt.)

1.  Wrestling.  William and Lincoln are wrestling this year.  A first for the Carters.  Ben's beloved high school football coach said that wrestling is great as a confidence booster, great for agility/flexibility, helps you become a better football player.  I know NOTHING about wrestling, BUT, the boys love it!  They have an awesome coach who wears them out by the end of practice.  They're heads hit the pillow at night and BAM, they're asleep!

2.  Potholes.  This may be a stretch, but it provided me with a good ten minutes of deep (well, nearly-deep) thinking.  I was driving behind a lady for several miles.  I swear, she hit every single pothole in the road.  I kept wondering, why would anyone WANT to hit every pothole in the road?  Was it a game, a challenge, did she hate her car, did she like the sound when she hit puddles?  What?  I really enjoyed my train of thought for those ten minutes.  It was entertaining, fun even.  People aren't normally so . . . not bright.  I have to admit, there were a few potholes I was afraid she might miss.  Nope, got 'em all.  Good job, girl.

3.  The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt.  I usually get through a book a week and this is my latest.  It's not the type of book I'm normally drawn to, but someone suggested it as a future book club idea.  I am laughing out loud and it's so fun.  The author cracks me up!  It's nice to read a book like that, a real funny one.  I've even teared up a few times.  It has a little of everything.  It's nice to read a delightful, hilarious, and at times, thought-provoking book.

4.  Easter dresses.  Little girls' easter dresses are so stinkin' adorable!  We went shopping yesterday since the kids didn't have school.  I found the cutest dress(es) for Annie.  I couldn't decide.  I'll post the three I bought tommorow or Monday and you can tell me what you think.  I was showing the dresses to my Aunt yesterday and jokingly stated I thought about keeping ALL of them.  In all seriousness she said, "Isn't that a little excessive?"  I laughed because she totally missed the sarcasm.  My Aunt is wisdom and temperance, through and through.

5.  Gas. . . for a car.  Gas prices are shooting through the roof.  We paid $3.24/gallon yesterday and that was the cheap station.  However, there is peace of mind when your tank reads F.  Full.  I love that feeling.  I guess it's the preparedness feeling.  Like when you've just beefed up your food storage, or bought out Sam's Club, or have three extra gallons of milk in your garage fridge.  It feels good to be prepared.

6.  Ben.  He's become Lincoln's personal tutor.  Every night Ben spends an hour working with Lincoln, who's a little behind in his sight words and fluency.  I'm so grateful because by the end of the day, I'm empty.  I can't give to Lincoln what Ben can.  It's helping so much and Lincoln comes out feeling happy and confident instead of in tears.

7.  Taxes.  Not that I love taxes, but THEY ARE DONE!  I am grateful!

8.  Handwritten mail.  I love getting a letter in the mail.  A real letter from a real person.  No bill, no advertisement, just an envelope in handwritten script from someone I love.

Life is good, isn't it?


Candy said...

I want to see the dresses! And I can TOTALLY help you justify at least keeping two of them! :)
Our gas is crazy high, like with my grocery store card discount at the cheap station, I think I paid over $3.40 a gallon. Gross.
I read ANOTHER book! Aren't you proud of me?! The Hiding Place. It was good!

Amy said...

We've been passing the Wednesday wars around at our house, too. We've loved it! I'm glad you post your favorite reads, I need ideas from time to time!

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