Monday, September 27, 2010

Family Pics 2010

Remind me never to do that again.
If you want to be in a bad mood, take family pictures.
After they were done Ben said to me,
"I'm glad you're going to a church meeting later 'cause then you'll come home happy."
He was right.
I did come home significantly happier than when I left.

I think my problem is that I'm not a consistent, frequent family picture taker.
We seem to have nice pictures taken every few years.
We're awful.  I know.  My fault.  Completely. 
Although I'm sure my family doesn't mind.
So when another year roles around it's stressful because I think they have to be fabulous because who knows when we'll get them taken again.
That's my problem.
I'm so pathetic, in fact, that I lose sleep over it.  A couple days before, a couple days after.
It's okay to laugh at me.  I'm ridiculous.

I'm pleased to announce that we did it!
And much to my surprise, there were actually ones that I liked!
Granted, like many of you, I'm always hardest on myself.  It's hard to look at pictures of yourself.
You notice every bad angle, every large bum shot, etc. etc.
But, oh well, this is me, my bum, in 2010.
Coming soon in 2013, Lanette's latest bum and hopefully a fifth little fella added in the mix.
(No, that was not an announcement.  I'm just hoping.)


Ashton & Co. said...

I agree with the fact that family pictures can definitely put you in a bad mood...I am the worst. It just takes so much time to get ready and by the time you get to posing, everyone's grumpy and not cooperating. Yours turned out SO great, though, did you guys just take them yourselves? They look awesome! Such a cute family:)

jenifer said...

cute pictures!! love em.

Harley said...

I think they are great Lanette! AND you look fabulous. Look at your long legged beautiful self! Woooo-woooo!

Heather said...

Cute! We've never had nice family photos taken (like by a real photographer with a real camera!). And I imagine I would be so uptight hoping the photos to turn out, that I'd be a sourpuss and get after the kids for not doing their best poses or whatever ... hence... no nice family photos. perhaps when my baby isn't screaming when held still, we'll aim for it.

RaeLynn said...

You are beautiful. You really are. The pictures look fantastic. what a good looking family! I know what you mean about stressing over family pictures--I am the exact same way!

Marilou said...

I love them!

McKay & Dani said...

Lanette!! You are so great!!!!!! Mom and I died laughing over your post!!! We will be watching for your next bum shot with a measuring stick in hand!!!

Debbie and Bobby said...

oh shut up, what bum??? (okay I do the same thing ;-) )

Your pictures are GREAT! So fun (at least after the fact anyway) I stress over them as well. You would have laughed at me the day we got them. I was running around the house like a chicken with my head cut off. First, we moved them up a day VERY last minute because it was in the forcast to rain ALL day the day we scheduled and then I had to get them all fed and looking beautiful after right after school was out by myself because Bobby was coming home straight from work to leave. I'm just glad they turned out well enough :o)

Honey said...

Love them!! You all look great!

Yayi said...

This will sound biased, but your boys look sooooooooo handsome!!! I am soooo serious! they are leaving the "cute boy" stage, and entering the "goodlooking guy" one!!!
Loved the pics!!!

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