Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Swim Club: Members Only

Exclusivity.  That's what we like.  Not because we're elite, but because we're crazy enough to jump into a pond that occassionally has little green plants floating along the surface.  Potentially gross to some I'm sure.  We have our own private swim club out here in the country.  No fighting crowds.  We're usually all alone.  I like that.  Less worry.  I never have to wonder if someone's drowning because I can always hear them . . . even with my eyes closed . . . sunbathing.  Did I mention that I love laying out?  That is my vanity-fault.  I guess I'll pay for it when I'm sixty.  I'm happy with a tan.  There's a glow about it, not to mention that my less attractive areas are masked by that glow.  We all love that, right?

The pond is 1/4 mile from our house.  We love to run and jump off the dock and the railing.  I feel sort of "Man in the Moon"-ish.  Have you ever seen that movie (Reese Witherspoon in her early years)?  Like I said in an earlier post, I'm out to show my kids the adventurous side of their mother this summer.  Not only can I read to them or make them dinner, but I also have a pretty wicked cannon-ball!  I love it, seeing their eyes light up.  Too much fun (except when Will had to go #2 and I refused to drive him home, so I held a grocery bag behind him while he . . . you know.)  But besides that, good times.


katieo said...

Oy. I WISH we had a place like this to go!!

I was just telling someone the other day (or perhaps it was on fb)

I wish I had somewhere to go swimming where I didn't need binoculars or a megaphone to find my kids. :(

so much fun.

and um. CUTE SUIT! :)

(well, what I see of it anyway)

Honey said...

I like a good tan, too. :)

Cylee Pressley said...

I love your take on life and how you handle the good with the bad...the poop deal might have pushed me over the edge! You are incredible.

Kathy said...

that looks like SOOOO much fun! i don't think it's gross to swim in a pond - it's probably cleaner than most swimming pools :)

Kerri said...

What does one do to become a member of your private swim club? That looks so fun!

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