Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Spost to..."

I am supposed to not goof around.
I am supposed to do my work.
I am supposed to sit on the keva (little risers the kids sit on for storytime, etc.).
I am supposed to look at teacher.

Just another day at school for William.  We've been having some behavioral complications lately.  Reading this paper made me laugh thinking about one-room school houses, writing "I will not's" on the board one hundred times.  In the teacher's defense, she is so communicative with me.  We talk often, me and Amy.  I think we're becoming quite good friends.


Shelley Gee said...

That is so cute!!! I especially love the spelling. I LOVE trying to figure out little kids writing! You right, communication is the key...SO FEEL FREE TO WRITE ON MY BLOG AT ANYTIME!!!! AND NO, THIS IS NOT A MENOPAUSAL MOMENT! :D

Honey said...

oh yes, Clay's teacher and I have gotten to know each other pretty well too. Gotta love those boys! :)

Debbie and Bobby said...

ha! Liam had to stand on "The Wall" This week for giving another child a wedgey on the playground. Thought we talked about what is nice and not nice and how it isn't the fastest way to make friends, I can't help but giggle. Had a little laugh with his teacher over it yesterday :o)

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