Sunday, May 2, 2010

Logan and Logan

One of my dearest and best friends' son got married this weekend.  His name is Logan and oddly enough, was married in Logan, UT.  I love a celebration, but a celebration with two of your BEST BUDDIES (Shell, the mother-of-the-groom and Sher, who lives in Logan) is almost too great!  It was a reunion of sorts because we live in NV, UT, and ID now. 

I'm amazed with technology.  The Bride is from Brazil.  Her mother was unable to get a visa to come to the wedding.  Devastating, I know.  However, the bride's sister carried a laptop around the entire reception, etc. so her mother was skyped in on all the action.  Isn't that neat?

Part of the reception, held the night before the wedding, was a polynesian dancer who dances and people throw or put money on her.  All the money goes to the bride and groom.  Lincoln.  What would he do in this situation?  You better believe he was all over that money.  I had to talk to him nearly ten times, reinforcing that the money he was grappling for on the ground was not for the taking.  So funny.  I can't imagine what people thought seeing this scavenger.

The wedding was beautiful.  I'd never been in the Logan temple ( before.  They were married for time and all eternity.  Our faith, Mormon or LDS, believes that marriages and families can be together forever...and not just 'til death do you part, etc.  The man marrying them said how excited the Lord was to shower down blessings upon them as they make Him a part of their marriage.  I was reminded of how often the Lord has showered down blessings in my own marriage.  How much peace and happiness there is, as a couple, when we think first of the Lord and then eachother...before ourselves.  When I lose sight of that truth is when troubles come.  Thank goodness I've always found my way back.  And thank goodness for a sweet, selfless husband who is forgiving of my stubborn-self.  Sometimes I wish he were a little more stubborn, so I could transfer the blame.  Ben's not perfect either, but pretty close.


Candy said...

oh fun! I'm jealous that you got to see shelly egbert and sherry brower! sounds like a great wedding, and congrats to logan!

Honey said...

Looks like a wonderful time! I love weddings!

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