Monday, May 10, 2010

Say What?

Lincoln is constantly pushing against boundaries.   Lincoln is constantly frustrated with boundaries.  I am always the lucky recipient of his opinions on the subject.  When he's exhausted all his options, here's his final resort...or retort:),

"Raise your hand if you wish Mommy didn't exist."
(if anyone raises their hand they're dead meat.)

The Carter family needs some serious joke etiquitte: 

"What did the submarine say to the missile?  Shoot me."
"What did the flag pole say to the dirt?  I'm nailed to you."
"What did the sky say to the boat?  I'm higher than you."

Because Ben and I laughed so hard, the kids thought that we thought they were really funny.  Little did they know, the joke's on them.  Next step: punch-lines 101.

Saturday morning in bed, Ben was jealous of the attention Annie was getting from me--snuggles, kisses, the works.  He wanted a turn...a few moments to spoon with his dear, sweet, extremely beautiful, smart, witty, humble wife (oops...did I write that?).  After a verbal wrestle with Annie (which he lost) he called her a crusty, old barnacle!  To think, Ben could stoop so low...   

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