Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank you...

I was at the grocery store.  Just me, Lincoln, and Annie.  I was waiting for the deli-lady to slice my ham for me (sliced thin, not shaved).  Thirty feet away was a display of apple juice.  I asked to kids to grab 3 bottles of juice.  They did, however cumbersome it may have appeared, and we laughed together.  I was completely taken by surprise when the sweetest woman, mid-50's, approached me and said, "You are a good mother."  All I could say was, "Gosh...thanks."

"Gosh...thanks."  I was humbled and grateful...and it got me thinking.  That changed my whole day.  She reminded me that I really try, however unsuccessful at times, to be a good mother.  We all do.  Good mothers, good people, good friends, etc.  More or less, we all are trying our best MOST of the time. 

I'm going to praise more.  I'm going to look for opportunities to tell someone they're a good mother, or a good whatever, because we all need to be reminded that we're trying our best to be good.  What a difference we can make in such a simple way. 

So, to that sweet lady at the store, thank you.      


Heather said...

I'm coming out of hiding here. I don't know if you remember me... Heather Price (now Smith) from Sugar City. I think the last time I saw you was at the Mesa Temple Pageant?? And once at the Provo temple when you were pregnant with your oldest.

Well... anyways, this winter I found your blog through Shelley's. I keep meaning to comment on all the stuff I love that you've mentioned. So - can we be blog friends now? :)

I just loved this post. I've decided that we ALL need encouragement... no matter what, any encouraging and hopeful words from others will brighten ANY situation. My mother taught me this the other day when I bawled my eyes out to her on the phone for an hour+. She gave me encouraging words and it soothed my soul and helped me want to keep trying to mother my 4 tots.

I need to encourage and praise my children more since I now realize how wonderful and important it is.

Anyhoo... great post. Thanks for the little peek into your life. :)

Debbie and Bobby said...

It is amazing what a few words from a complete stranger and do.

Lanette said...

Heather, I'm not sure if you'll check back here or not, but if so...YES! I tried to hop on your blog from Diana's, but it looks like yours is private, so, invite me ('d LOVE to be blogging buddies:). How are you? Oh, and by the way, of course I remember you!!

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