Monday, April 19, 2010

Old McLincoln had a...

Let me start by saying, Lincoln has THE coolest preschool teacher.  Besides totally preparing this fella for Kindergarten, she goes above and beyond...always.  She loves it, loves kids, is a natural educater, and has some serious preschooling skills.

Friday, we fieldtripped to a family farm:
a family of ten children (who play the harp, xylophone, piano, violin, etc. etc.).
a cow (Leah), who can put out 4 gallons in 15 minutes (now that's some serious lactating),
a rescued-cockatoo that sings, "Happy Birthday",
chickens who eat grass,
idyllic orchards,
and an enormous dog named Buster.

I'm convinced that Lincoln is on the fast-track to becoming a lactation consultant himself.  I couldn't pull him away from those udders.  He needs a t-shirt that reads, Born to Milk, seriously.  Annie was fascinated with the lone chicken, quarentined because the phrase "pecking order" is completely true, and she's missing an eye to prove it.  They experienced first-hand the ins and outs of a small farm. 

I had an epiphany.  That was the life I always wanted...or, thought I wanted.  Now, I'm not so sure.  If I could farm (animals...not crops) AND have a totally cute, totally clean, totally stylish home, then maybe I'd do it.  Honestly, I don't see how you can have both; there's not enough time (unless you hired help).  I'm hoping to be proven wrong one day.  Letting go of that dream for my kids (milking a cow, finding eggs, REAL chores) is semi-heart-wrenching.

Next, we visited our local, family owned grocery store.  I'd never looked at our grocery in an educational light before.  I left feeling completely humbled by all that we have in this country...excessive...totally excessive.  I was reminded that where much is given, much is expected.  The kids loved it.  I loved Sherry in the bakery who makes everything from scratch.  Lincoln got to scan some food AND talk on the intercom.  He basically felt like the coolest kid on the PLANET!  This fieldtrip confirmed to me that Lincoln is a total active-learner.  Very hands-on.  There's nothing passive in his character.  I noted that and think it will really help me as we stumble along together.

Both kids napped that day, and so did I.  It was full and wonderful and enlightening.  I love days like that.


Poulsen Family said...

The Howard's (farm you went to) are in Christopher's ward he grew up in. His parent's home is just down the road from their house.

Yayi said...

So cool!!! I bet you all loved it!! I wish our teachers were like that over here. We need serious help. I have a husband who also thinks he was meant to be a cow-farmer type of thing. Not happening. Well, we never know.

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